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Welly Care

Boot Removal
Try not to use a step or boot toe to remove your Wedge Welly boots. Always use a boot remover - it will prevent excessive stress wear to the boot heel, which may lead to splitting. It will also take all the effort out of removing your boots and place less stress on your back.

Wash your boots with clean water. Leave them to dry in a cool, well-ventilated place. After cleaning spray on a silicone protector (application instructions will vary depending on brand used). Take special care if your boots are zipped. Never store with the zip open or clogged with mud. Wash mud away, allow to dry and spray with silicone to keep the zip free running. Close the zip after cleaning. The majority of problems with zips can be avoided if a little care is taken. Follow this simple routine every two or three weeks, depending on the amount of wear, and your boots will last months, even years longer.


Keep your boots in a cool, well ventilated place, away from strong light. Do not leave on a radiator or boiler to 'dry' - or in a freezing outhouse or shed. Extremes of temperature will dry and crack the rubber, especially if a silicone spray is not used on a regular basis. We recommend not allowing boots to fold over, hang them by the heel or better still use a boot rack.