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Bekina Thermolite

Price: €55.00
Extreme cold insulation C4 safety wellington boot
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Bekina ThermoLite C4 Safety Wellington Boot

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Only 1 size 12 now in stock

Plusses at Minus Temperatures

The Thermolite can be fully appreciated wherever one has to stand for long periods of time in icy cold conditions. The plusses? The PU-material remains supple up to -40°C, an extra-thick leg and sole guarantee your feet to stay warm. Yet the Thermolite is still and comfortable to wear.
Fisheries, cold stores, deep freezers, ski centres or tree care in wintery conditions.
The Thermolite is the result of our passion for insulation against cold.
•    Thermo-insulating
•    Durable
•    Isolation up to -40°C
•    Wide fitting
•    Slip resistant
•    Steel Toe cap
•    Extra thick upper and sole: warmth is guaranteed! ,but they are a bit heavy.
•    Walking comfort
•    Cold-insulating and moisture absorbing insoles
•    DIN EN ISO 20345 S4

As these boots are big fitting, we do not recommend you going up a size. 

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